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Soft Start Dimmers

Can be used to dim lights from several locations. Suitable for dimming mains and/or dimmable transformer low voltage lamps. All versions are suitable for mains halogen (e.g. GU10) lamps without the need for derating

Slim buttons give an easy press action. Holding the button down dims or brightens the light to any level. A quick press switches off. Another press returns the lamp softly to its previous brightness. This soft start feature prolongs the bulb life. They can also be used to control the speed of fans and motors

  • The soft start feature prolongs the bulb life
  • These dimmers automatically switch off in the event of transformer instability, protecting the dimmer and the transformer
  • Multi-way (ie 2 way) switching and dimming can be achieved from any position by using the matching slave switches - the SS1 and SS2 models
Restriction: not suitable for fluorescent loads

Model No Number of Gangs Resistive, mains halogen or dimmable electric transformer inductive Dimmable wire-wound or toridal transformer inductive Max No of Transformers Wall Box Depth in mm
12032 DSS1D 250W 1 40-250W 40-160W 4 16
12033 DSS1D 400W 1 60-400W 60-250W 6 16
12034 DSS1D 630W 1 60-630W 60-400W 8 35
12036 DSS2D 250W 2 40-250W/Gang 40-160W/Gang 4/Gang 16
12035 SS1 SL 1
Slave Switch
12037 SS2 SL 2
Slave Switch


Part No Description Stock Availability at 00:10 Dec, 08 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
12033 DSS1D 400W Soft Start Dimmer Switch White Stock = 4 £ 12.00
12034 DSS1D 630W Soft Start Dimmer Switch White Stock = 6 £ 14.40
12036 DSS2D 2 x 250W Soft Start Dimmer Switch (Double Gang) White Stock = 7 £ 14.40
12037 SS2 SL Slave Switch (Double Gang) White Discontinued.  


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