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  • Plug and Play installs in seconds
  • Allows On/Off control via X10
  • Manual On/Off control on module
  • Blue LED X10 Activity Light
  • Compatible with very low wattage LED lights (no voltage leak like there is with X10 AM12U)
These X10 compatible plug-in modules will allow you to remotely control just about any plug-in mains device. They are great for table lamps, radios, washing machines. Even use one to turn your pond fountain on and off for you !

It is simple to set the X10 address using any X10 transmitter (for example a Mini Controller). Just press and hold the module's button in for about 5 seconds until the LED lights. On the X10 transmitter send the address you want the unit to be, eg A1 On, and then the module's address is set for good!

The LED flashes when there is X10 activity on the line. The LED is also used for programming the module, so you know it is in programming mode. Note that the LED does not show the module's On/Off status

The Appliance Module is for higher rated lights and other household products. The Appliance Module can switch loads of up to 10 Amps. Note - Do not use appliances that may exceed the 10 amp load. Ensure you check the appliance's maximum wattage (must be below 2400 watts). Using appliances that use higher current will MELT the module) If you require a higher rated Appliance Module then you should instead use the AM12

This module has advantages over real X10 modules:
Manufactured using modern surface mount components to the highest specification
Has local on/off control button
X10 Activity/module status LED
Responds to All Units Off
Does NOT respond to All Lights On (the manual incorrectly states that it does)

Incandescent bulb OK
Fluorescent bulb OK
CFL bulb OK
Megaman "Dimmerable" bulb OK
LED bulb OK

Technical Data
Supply voltage:      230 V +/-10% 50 Hz
Supply current:      0.05amp (module idle)
Making capacity:     500W (incandescent lamp)
                     1A (motors)
                     10A (resistive loads)
Fuse Fitted:         10A


Q: I received yesterday an X10 2027UK appliance module however, it appears to be faulty (DOA). I have checked the fuse with a continuity tester and that appears OK. Basically, no power to the socket, irrespective of whether it is under X10 or manual control. I have followed the trouble shooting steps and still no joy. Even in different power outlets.
A: We have had one in the past where the fuse/fuse holder was not seated properly, and effectively that meant the module wasn't getting any mains. Other than that we have never had a module arrive faulty. Can you check that please
Response: That seems to have fixed it. When I pulled out the red fuse holder, the fuse remained in place, but I could see that the metal connectors were slightly splayed at one end so the fuse was not touching it. Managed to bend the connectors in slightly, and replace the fuse in situ then the red cover. All ok now

Q: Can I use a IR7243 to set the 2027UK's address?
A: You can use ANY X10 transmitter to set the 2027UK's address

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12167 2027UK X10 Compatible PLUG-IN 10amp Appliance Module (UK 3 Pin Plug) (Domia) Stock =>500 £ 15.00


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