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SkyEye Multi - Sky IR Translator

  • Lets you control a Sky+ and SkyHD separately in the same room
  • Lets you control up to 12 Sky boxes (Any combination of Sky/Sky+/SkyHD boxes) in the same room/IR distribution system when used with a SkyHD remote
Are you wanting to use more than one Digibox in the same set up but are frustrated that they all respond to the same remote control? Do you want to control your Sky+ Digibox without your Sky HD Digibox responding too?

The SkyEyeMultiHD allows you to control up to twelve Sky Digiboxes (4 Sky, 4 Sky+ and 4 SkyHD boxes) independently of each other using most standard Sky, Sky+, and SkyHD remote controls.

Most current remote controls supplied with your Digibox can be set to work in one of eight modes via a simple button sequence (The SkyHD remote has 12 modes, again, via a simple button sequence). Simply set each remote control you have to operate in a different mode. The SkyEye Multi can be configured to respond to individual modes and is fully configurable by the user. Once set up, all other Sky remote controls operating in a different mode will be ignored by the SkyEye Multi.

In addition, the SkyEye Multi has an option to automatically send a "Back Up" command to the Digibox every 30 seconds or so, removing on-screen Interactive distractions from the screen. Plus every time it receives a signal from the Sky remote control, it will delay the next "Back Up" command for half a minute allowing full use of the Digibox interactive facilities. The automatic "Back Up" facility can be permanently turned off by the user if required, via a button on the remote control.

The Digibox does not require opening, and fitting does not invalidate your Digibox warranty.

Requires no batteries or external power supply. Simply fit it to the rear of your Digibox and enable the RF2 power supply output. The light will flash to indicate successful fitting

Note: You require a minimum Revision 6 Sky/Sky+ remote for use with the SkyEye Multi. Revision 6 or higher remotes have a Speaker symbol printed on the "0" key. All SkyHD remotes are compatible with the SkyEyeMultiHD.

Please note that there is a version of the SkyEye Multi that passes power through (P/N 12467). This should be used if you have a distribution amplifier in use which takes power from the Sky box

Finally, it can be a little confusing when trying to work out what you need to control 2 separate Digiboxes from another room (via a Loftbox etc). In this scenario, you will already have TVLinks in the distant room (eg bedroom). But what do you do in the Digibox room? Simply, the existing TVLink continues to operate ONE of the Sky boxes. To operate the second box (the one with the SkyEyeMulti attached), you require a TVLink+. You attach the emitter from the TVLink+ onto the front of the SkyEyeMulti. Then you can operate both boxes from the bedroom (using 2 separate Sky remotes)

Do I need a Standard or Power Pass Version?
The Power Pass Version is only needed when you have tvLinks (aka Magic Eyes) or a distribution amplifier in use. The Sky box provides power to the SkyEyeMulti and then the SkyEyeMulti forwards that power onto the coax to power the tvLinks/amplifier. If you don't have tvLinks/amplifier do NOT use the Power Pass Version - by doing so will present power straight into the aerial socket of the viewing TV and could severely damage it!

Sky boxes only - Standard version
Sky boxes + tvLinks or distribution amplifier - Power Pass Version

Q. How do I access the hidden menu to power the RF2 output on the Sky box?
A. Please refer to our tvLink page here, as it is gives the remote control commands required

Q. I have 2 HD boxes and am having trouble
A. Am I right in thinking that when you set the SkyEye to send Mode 0 commands the Digibox responds but, when using Mode 1, Mode 2 or Mode 3, the Digibox appears to do nothing?

In setting up the remote control and SkyEye, I guess there are three parts to this:
  • 1) configuring the remote control to operate in a particular Digibox/Mode setting
  • 2) configuring the SkyEye to recognise a particular remote control
  • 3) configuring the SkyEye to send particular Digibox/Mode commands to the Digibox
1) Each official Sky remote control that is supplied with the HD Digibox can be configured to generate commands for a Standard Digibox, a Sky+ Digibox or a Sky HD Digibox. For each Digibox type, the remote control can also be set to generate commands using one of four Modes. Thus we have a total of 12 combinations of command variants that can be generated. Of these 12 variants, some are ignored by a particular Digibox and some are responded to

When using the Sky remote control normally, its default setting is Mode 0 and all Digiboxes respond to Mode 0 commands ie
  • A Standard Digibox will respond to Standard Digibox Mode 0 commands
  • A Sky+ Digibox will respond to Sky+ Digibox Mode 0 commands
  • A Sky HD Digibox will respond to Sky HD Digibox Mode 0 commands AND Sky+ Digibox Mode 0 commands
If the remote control is reconfigured to send Mode 1, Mode 2 or Mode 3 commands, some Digiboxes will respond to them and some will ignore them. To add to the fun, a Digibox may respond differently to commands received via the IR window on the front of the Digibox and those received via the RF2 connector! There does not seem to be a defined pattern to this and it may well depend on the Digibox manufacturer and/or firmware version

In using the SkyEye, we need to pick a variant that the HD Digibox will not respond directly to. For your two HD Digiboxes, if we set one remote control to operate as Standard Digibox Mode 0, and the other as Standard Digibox Mode 1, both HD Digiboxes should ignore these commands directly

2) Configuring the SkyEye to recognise a particular remote control is pretty straight forward. It recognises all possible 12 variants and, when you press a button to configure it, the SkyEye will analyse the button command, work out which remote control variant is being used and then only respond to a remote control with that same configuration. This is stage is invisible to the user and takes place as part of stage 3

3) Configuring the SkyEye to sendparticular Digibox/Mode commands is done by pressing a button on the remote control whilst the red light on the SkyEye is flashing quickly. The button pressed on the remote control determines which type of Digibox command the SkyEye should generate and which Mode to use. In general, for a Sky HD Digibox, pressing the "RED" button on the remote control will make it generate HD Digibox Mode 0 commands. Both your SkyEyes should be configured by pressing the "RED" button

So, as long as we have the two remote controls configured differently (Standard Digibox Mode 0 and Standard Digibox Mode 1), each of the two SkyEyes will only respond to commands from its allocated remote control. The fact that each SkyEye is then generating HD Digibox Mode 0 commands should not cause a problem as each SkyEye is connected directly to its own Digibox (via the RF2 connector) and the commands it generates do not reach the other HD Digibox

If, when configuring the SkyEye, your press the Green, Yellow or Blue button, the SkyEye will generate HD Digibox commands using Mode 1, Mode 2 or Mode 3. It may be that your HD Digibox ignores these commands but is happy with Mode 0

In summary:
Remote control 1: set it to Standard Digibox Mode 0 and press "RED" when configuring the first SkyEye
Remote control 2: set it to Standard Digibox Mode 1 and press "RED" when configuring the second SkyEye

Note the SkyEye is NOT compatible with the Global SPC+ Combiner. If you are planning an install that includes control both locally and from a whole house distribution system, the SkyEye should be coupled with the Global tvLink+ instead, and the emitter from the tvLink+ should be pointed at the SkyEye to allow control from the distant rooms


Part No Description Stock Availability at 05:25 Oct, 28 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
12314 HD Version - SkyEye Multi HD - Sky IR Translator (For Sky/Sky+/SkyHD) Discontinued.    
12467 POWER PASS VERSION - SkyEye Multi HD - Sky IR Translator (For Sky/Sky+/SkyHD) Discontinued.  


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