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Home Automation

X10 (aka Domia 10) - the tried and tested, easy and cheapest route into Home Automation. First invented in Scotland, and with millions of units installed Worldwide, this brand has the widest range of modules available, and in many cases does not require any re-wiring, since the X10 control signals are sent over the existing mains wiring of the house

ZWave - New technology that uses radio signals to communicate between modules. Each module can act as a repeater, so range is not an issue, and each module can also report it's status. Signal transmissions are virtually guranteed by the use of a mesh network, and confirmation status is available. Switching of modules is faster and more reliable than with X10
Rako is high quality RF based lighting control, that is easy to retrofit, and has a powerful Clock/Timer module that is especially good when you're on holiday
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Aeon Labs DSC13104-ZWEU ZWave Lamp Micro Module (UK) ...

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